UNDONE Mystique Watch Collection Review

Most people will know UNDONE Watches for their “Customizer”, and in particular the thrill of constructing a watch unique to them from the myriad of different styles and colours available, including the choices of case, bezel, dial, hands, mechanism, strap and option to add initials to the front and printable artwork or message to the back.

Of course, that ability to have a custom watch built to your specific choices was what got UNDONE started and has seen them rapidly create a niche where they offer their own quality watch styles with a high degree of personalisation at affordable prices. At UNDONE, everything is kept in-house, from the early research and development of the styles to the manufacturing and packaging of the watches and their website, complete with “Customizer”, allows direct customer purchases. It’s an interesting business, offering some desirable watches!

However, UNDONE also offers some interesting “Collections“, one of which is the Mystique collection. It’s not possible to re-create this exact style using the Configuration tool because the four dial faces are unique to this collection, hence they aren’t truly “custom watches”, but they are certainly beautiful. Take a look…

The video is well worth a watch if you’d like to see a Mystique watch being made. The initial step is stamping the die for the watch dial from a copper sheet metal, followed by a Guilloche process to create sub-dials. Following a position accuracy test, the next step is engine turning to create the sunray pattern and texture, followed by electro-plating to allow the nickel and rhodium surface finish. The dial is then painted with a base coat and a smoky finish, before logo and dial details are added by transfer printing. After a heat treatment step to extend the life of the colours, there’s a final molding to curve the dial edge and the dial index markers are applied manually before the dial is ready to be included into the overall creation process of a new watch.

The four designs within the Mystique Collection are named after astronomical events, with appropriate artisan gradient dial colours for each, probably most reminiscent of the H Moser Endeavour and Venturer watches with fume dials, which are apparently only available in the UK from Harrods, the Endeavour for £42,900 and the Venturer for just £16,000!

The Eclipse Mystique watch features a grey dial face, the Mercury Mystique watch has a blue dial face, the Neptune Mystique watch has an ocean green dial face and the Mars Mystique watch has a red dial face. See the images, below, and click for a larger version…

Apart from the four different colours of the watch dials, the Mystique Collection of watches are identical. They have case lengths of 52mm, case widths of 40mm excluding the crown and case height of 13mm due to the domed glass feature. The case material is 316L stainless steel, available with either a Silver or Rose Gold coating and the domed crystal glass is strengthened K1 Glass.

The watch movement is a Seiko VK61 Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid Flyback Chronograph which provides the accurate timekeeping of a quartz mechanism with a mechanical chronograph function.

The strap width is 20mm and made of black caviar leather (calfskin leather with grains) with a bonus alligator-print leather strap included in the package. You can quickly change between the two straps using the quick release spring bars.

The watch is water resistant to 3 atmospheres / 30 metres, which probably means you should avoid getting it wet beyond a brief splash! All Mystique watches are delivered in an exclusive packing box (see below for images of watches with the different strap types and the packaging box)


Here are some further images of the Undone Mystique collection for you to enjoy!

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